• BN elected reps & members of Cabinet think we are going down hill 
  • PM  they say has lost control
  • recent developments very disturbing
  • We appear rudderless
  • if you fail to digest sentiments you will go down how Pak lah did
  • Get out of that denial mode
  • Sack officers and advisors who tell you everything is ok
  • Pak Lah did exactly the things you are doing
  • ignorant of feelings on the ground
  • listen only to apple-polishers & rascals with ulterior motives 
  • You, DS Najib, are over reliant on CONsultants
  • fooling you of our hard earned money
  • civil servants unhappy
  • consultants treat them like a bunch of useless/corrupt/lazy/stupid Melayus
  • A lot of people are angry with your wife
  • If you really have no control over your wife it is your problem
  • you are supposed to be our leader, NOT your wife
  • You are accountable to us the rakyat, NOT your wife
  • You don’t seem to understand
  • ‘text book economy’ does not win hearts & minds
  • rookie cookies in Pemandu & ETP don’t understand hardship of the people
  • They think RM500 BR1M is a brilliant idea
  • You should seriously reconsider this handout
  • country is not an Ah Beng & Sons Pvt Ltd
  • Remember Suharto was forced down after he remove subsidy fuel
  • no use if you do wrong things
  • those around you are busy with own private missions
  • go down the road that Pak Lah took
  • and rolled down till he was replaced
  • We are running out of time
  • general election is down the corridor
  • Sarawak state election is also drawing closer
  • Malaysians are eagerly waiting for a cabinet reshuffle
  • We need men and women of character, capability & common sense
  • some cabinet members have become laughing stocks
  • cabinet members – clowns
  • civil servants prefer not to be in company of certain ministers
  • knee-jerk announcements like 11-point austerity measures
  • BN cannot possibly win next elections 
  • subsidy rationalisation implementation is so idiotic
  • increasing numbers of relevant people think you are reaching point of no return
  • there could be moves to replace you
  • we fought last election tooth and nail not to be stuck again
  • BN members, supporters, friends toiled day & night to assure a BN government
  • PLEASE come to your senses fast DS Najib Razak.
  • Time is running out

Kalau mereka sendiri sudah kata macam ini…jawabnya memang Najib sedang menuju jalan keluar.
Ana dapat tahu, dua orang sudah dilantik sebagai Pakar Strategi Komunikasi Media Baru untuk UMNO/BN/Kerajaan/Putrajaya.
Papagomo. Ya jangan tak percaya. Dia akan jadi salah seorang.
Azeez Rahim akan bertindak sebagai pemberi nafkah kepada Papagomo dan kawan-kawan.
Kalau ikut gandingan ini, kita ada peluang cerah.
#inikalilah #innalillah