Pak Lah went down because he did exactly the things you are believed to be doing at the moment. You appear to be ignorant of the feelings on the ground. You listen only to those apple-polishers and rascals with ulterior motives who hang around you all the time. (remember the powerful 4th Floor Boys who brought Pak Lah down to his knees?)
You, DS Najib, are over reliant on CONsultants who are fooling you and the government of our hard earned money. Senior civil servants are very unhappy with you for allowing ‘outsiders’ and consultants to treat them like a bunch of useless/corrupt/lazy/stupid Melayus.

A lot of people are angry with your wife.

I really don’t want to blame your wife for anything because you are the elected leader, NOT your wife. If you really have no control over your wife (as the talk of the town goes), it is again your problem because you are supposed to be our leader, NOT your wife. You are accountable to us the rakyat, NOT your wife.

I feel it is not fair for us to criticize the PM’s wife.

What we could see and comment is about you and your leadership DS. About how you act and perform as the President of Umno, Chairman of Barisan Nasional and Prime Minister of Malaysia.

You don’t seem to understand the fact that ‘text book economy‘ does not have the necessary mechanism to win over the hearts and minds of the people.

The rookie cookies in Pemandu and those ETP fellows who recently sacked you during lunch break don’t understand the hardship of the people. They think giving away the RM500 BR1M is a brilliant idea. You should seriously reconsider this handout.


Muahahahahaha. Bukan kita yang tulis macam ini. Blogger pro-UMNO pun dah mula keciwa dan sedih. Keciwa dengan prestasi abang jib yang macam sempudal.

Kesempudalan pimpinan najib ini memang kita sedang perhati. Elok sangat kalau blogger yang menyokong kuat mereka pun dah mula kecewa.

Apanama ini dikatakan mendapat bayaran bulanan daripada Pejabat Hishammudin Hussein. Menteri Pertahanan. Ini kiranya macam pukul anak sindir menantu. Hisham nak sound sendiri, pondan. Dia hantar orang serang Najib.

Apa yang berlaku ini patut kita jadikan iktibar kepada parti yang kita sayang, Pas. Bila pemimpin dah tak pandai memimpin, baik beri peluang pada orang lain. Mudah.

Macam Tok Guru Nik Aziz yang sudah tidak mampu. Beri peluang pada orang lain. Ini yang paling baik.

Jangan jadi macam perangai orang UMNO. Pakai blog nak pukul pemimpin. Tak macho. Nampak buruk.