Kedah PAS leader Fadzil Baharom was a late visitor to Chin Peng’s  wake this evening, arriving at the Wat That Thong temple in Bangkok  about 7pm together with several friends to pay his respects to the  former Communist Party of Malaya secretary-general.

When met at the wake, Fadzil stressed that he was not representing PAS or PKR but was there in a personal capacity.

Fadzil said he has known members of Chin Peng’s family for about five years and felt it was appropriate to attend the wake.

“I will not be staying for Monday’s cremation as I have to return to  Kedah,” Fadzil said, adding that he had long wanted to meet Chin Peng  personally but did not have the opportunity.

He said despite the Malaysian government’s portrayal of Chin Peng, he considered the latter to be a fighter.

“Malaysia’s history has been changed; I am looking for the unvarnished version.

“Even within PAS, not everyone is really familiar with the facts of the nation’s history and how events actually panned out,” Fadzil said.

Macam ini baru bagus. Kita mesti lawat mayat Chin Peng. Malah, kalau Fadzil Baharom bawak abu balik pun ana suka. Ana akan tabik. Barulah bagus.

Kalau kita buat begini selalu, kita akan dapat undi cina dengan lebih banyak. Ana yakin.