Nampaknya, kita kena puji Gomen kerana bijak untuk mengambil peluang memberikan  orang Kristian ruang lebih besar untuk mengerjakan tuntutan agama  mereka. Dah lama gereja mintak pelepasan dan kemudahan untuk ke  Jerusalem. Kita dah dimaklumkan oleh orang gereja, Dah lama. Mereka  sampaikan kepada kita. Tapi atas nama PAS for ALL, kita gagal beri  respons. Kita senyap dan tak perjuangkan. Sudahnya bila gomen umumkan.  Kita nganga.
Kita orang PAS kena faham, agama lain pun menganggap Jerusalem  sebagai tempat yang istimewa dan perlu dikunjungi untuk mengukuh iman  terhadap agama mereka. Sementara kita sibuk nak cari undi di gereja,  patutnya kita perjuangkan nasib mereka.
Kita kena faham serba sedikit kenapa orang Kristian nak sangat ke  Jerusalem. Ini sebagai pengetahuan kita lah. Supaya kita tak rasa sangsi bahawa mereka juga layak diberikan hak untuk ke sana. Antara yang ana  dapat tahu:-

  • Jerusalem was the Jewish religious capital for 1000 years before Christ, since the time of King David, and its religious significance goes back  to the time of Abraham, 1000 years before that. This is where Abraham  met Melchizedek, the King of Salem, a mysterious figure to whom he gave  tribute, and where he was instructed to sacrifice his son Isaac, who was spared at the last moment.
  • It was the place to which David brought the ancient Ark of the Covenant, containing the most important holy objects given by God to Moses, and  where Solomon built the Jewish Temple, with the Ark in its most sacred  spot. The temple was rebuilt by Nehemiah after the exile in Babylon, and in the time of Jesus was the focus of all Jewish religious life, to  which Jews from all over the homeland and the diaspora abroad came  several times a year to celebrate the great Jewish festivals.
  • Much of the gospel accounts, especially that of John, is set during the  times Jesus visited Jerusalem; first as an infant to be presented at the Temple by his parents to offer the prescribed sacrifice, and later for  the festivals, beginning when he was 12, staying behind to debate with  the religious leaders and going missing from his parents, and finally  during the week leading up to his crucifixion. Here, during the feast of the Passover (Peshach) he was betrayed, tried, crucified, buried, rose  from the dead, appeared to his disciples, and ascended to Heaven. Here  too the first disciples prayed and fasted in an upper room until the  Feast of Weeks (Shavuot), when the Holy Spirit came upon them in great  power and they addressed the thousands of Jews who’d gathered for the  festival.
  • Jerusalem was the centre of the early church throughout the seminal New  Testament period, but was destroyed by the Romans in 70AD.
  • Christians go not only to Jerusalem for pilgrimage but also to  Bethlehem, Nazareth, Capernum, the Jordan river and other places  mentioned in the Gospels. The reason is to walk in the literal footsteps of Christ.
    • In Jerusalem, of course, are the shrines of the Holy Sepulchre (which  has the tomb from which Jesus rose, and the spot where he was  crucified), Gethsemani, Dominus Flevit (where Jesus wept over  Jerusalem), the Holy Cenacle (where the last supper took place), and  many many more.
    • In Bethlehem there is the Birth place of Jesus. In Nazareth, the place  where the Annunciation to Mary took place and the home where Jesus Mary  and Joseph was.

    Sayang sungguh PAS tak perjuangkan isu ini. Kalau tidak, confirmed GEREJA undi kita. Rugi.