Manoharan vs. Ronnie Liu

Kota Alam Shah state  assemblyman M. Manoharan today asked Selangor state executive councillor Ronnie Liu Thian Kiew whether he would resign if he could not resolve  the issue of the proposed condominium project close to the Batu Caves  Hindu temple that has drawn strong objection from various quarters.

Manoharan of the DAP said the proposed 29-storey condominium project  close to the limestone hills was seen as a hazard to the environment and people there.

“Is YB Pandamaran (Ronnie Liu) prepared to resign if the condominium  project is not scrapped, because it is seen as a risk to the structure  of the 100-year-old Batu Caves Hindu temple?” he said when posing a  supplementary question to Liu (DAP-Pandamaran) in the Selangor State  Assembly meeting.

Liu, who is chairman of the Local Government, Study and Research  Committee, said the question of him resigning did not arise because the  state government had called a temporary halt to the project pending the  setting up of a committee to look into its approval.

Teresa Kok vs Speaker Dewan

Jangan kita lupa, konvensyen DAP Selangr pun tak ramai datang. 311 orang. Sahaja. Nampak sangat DAP ada perpecahan yang melampau-lampau. Tapi, mereka ini yang datang kata kita, pemimpin PAS tak layak tadbir Negara. Apa punya mangkuk.

Of the 1,153 delegates, only 311 or 27% showed up for the annual  meeting. The minimum quorum is 25% and party leaders were left  struggling to explain the numbers. Many of them said this was usually  the case in a non-election year for the party and delegates think it  would not make a difference whether they are there or not.

Kita minta sangat DAP supaya jaga kain sendiri. Jangan nak menyibuk dengan hal PAS.

Yang pasti, wakil DAP tak boleh jadi PM.